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We strive to build strength within collaborative environments consisting of high performance high commitment teams which are multi-cultural and multi-generational in nature. Our Competence Centers keep a Global Perspective utilizing state of the art knowledge management , expertise and cooperation.


Our ways or working and operating principles are based upon helping our people. We believe in Mentorship as a primary means to groom next generation subject matter experts. We believe in creating relationships that will help our people establish find success in their professional careers and personal lives.



We emphasize attracting experience with potential. Our recruiting methodologies leverage personal relationships, university campus as well as identifying key contributors in the market. Our philosophy is centered around team work, culture and matching the right person to the right opportunity.



We find joy and excitement being actively involved in our community. We do this through participating in the local chamber of commerce, sponsoring local organizations and volunteering time with community and civic organizations. Not only is our community involvement a labor of love; we find many opportunities to mentor, apply leadership skills and champion the mission, vision and purpose of organizations we embrace.



Our firm is part of a global network that leverages domestic and international partnerships that allow us to collaborate with skills & scale to benefit our Global society. We pursue innovation through diversity of knowledge and culture and we understand how our experience and contributions can affect people in emerging countries.


We hold our firm to high professional standards; and, pursue certifications and licensing reflecting our ethical expectations and integrity. We encourage our people as professionals to be prepared, proven and to perform at the highest level of excellence.




We are committed to helping build the next generation in broadband communications, learning and sharing experiences from developed countries to global areas where communications has potential to make a positive impact in people’s lives.


To access unprivileged locations, enhance delivery experience and reduce carbon footprint our firm is committed to using Remote Delivery Centers as a solution to enhance technology in all areas. Our Ways of Working and Values make us drive operational excellence with a high sense of social responsibility.


Our firm is heavily involved in organizations that help us continue living in a positive and healthy environment. We seek to engage with conservations organizations who educate, restore and replenish our natural resources.

We desire to look after our next generation’s well being and we strongly believe in leaving a better place to them than the one we lived in.